Busted - Pigs Might Fly - UK Arena Tour 2016

Venue: UK Arena Tour

Creative Director: Paul Caslin

Lighting Designer : Tim Routledge

Associate Lighting Designer : Sam O'Riordan

Lighting Director/programmer: Tom Young

When Busted united for their first Arena Tour in 12 years. We were invited to work with Paul Caslin, the bands creative director, to create a stunning modern show for the band.

Featuring a hidden 3 storey scaffold "Pigsty" that revealed 300 masked fans behind the stage and backlit with strobes. 2m LED cubes that the band play within, a festoon lamp moving chandelier that changed shape as the band played and a dynamic lighting rig to underscore the bands pop hits.

The rig was supplied by PRG and featured:

76 x PRG Icon Beams
22 x Mac 2k XB
12 x Sharpy Wash
10 x VL2000 Wash
43 x CP Stormy Strobes
24 x SGM P5s
180 x Par 64
50 x 2 Lite Moles
20 x Atomic LED Strobes