Live from the Tower of London

On the 29th April 2017 if you were watching Channel 4 around 21:40 you might have seen a live TV advert from Tower Bridge for the new Samsung S8.

Congrats to all our team for pulling this off in 2 weeks from brief to delivery. Hundreds of fixtures around the Thames and a massive installation at the Tower of London all without hindering the daily running of one of the busiest tourist sites in the world.

Many thanks to Matt Pitman, Tom Young and Alex Mildenhall who were all linked across the river by radio transmitted timecode. And huge thanks to a great team from Neg Earth Lights led by Caroline Beverley, Paddy Hocken, Cel and Fraggle who went all out to make it happen. And to Mark and Tom at Projection Artworks for getting us involved in a bonkers project.

See the advert below:

The rig consisted of:

57 x Clay Paky Mythos

30 x SGM GSpots

15 x BMFL Blades

150 x SGM P5s

26 x SGM Q7s

56 x Prolight Solarwash

6 x Atomic 3000 LED

36 x Smart BAT Wireless Uplighters

All controlled via 2 x MA2 Fullsize consoles