Beyonce Formation World Tour

  • Venue

    World Stadium Tour
  • Client

    Parkwood Entertainment

Beyonce Formation World Tour 2016

Set Designer: Es Devlin

Lighting Designer : Tim Routledge

Lighting Programmer/Director: Jonathan Rouse

Client: Parkwood Entertainment

A major world tour production with the most complex of sets has wowed fans across America and Europe since April 2016. A stadium tour with a challenging schedule moving cities every 36 hours and without the traditional roof of a stadium show stage - this was a complex but stunning project to have designed.

Based around Es Devlin's video monolith, a singular modern shape that is 20m tall, 20m wide and 10m deep that can not only open up to reveal its inner workings but also revolves is no mean feat in engineering terms. Tim placed 600 waterproof LED strobes in a horizon that wraps around the rear of the stage to give a backdrop and scale to this epic structure. The show also features a conveyor belt catwalk leading to a modest B stage that fills with water for the shows final sequence.

All equipment supplied and crewed by Neg Earth led by Nick Barton on the road.