ROYAL BLOOD - Arena Tour 2017

  • Venue

    Arena Tour
  • Client

    Royal Blood


Lighting & Set Designer: Tim Routledge & Sam O'Riordan

Touring Lighting Designer: Sam O'Riordan

LD's Tim Routledge and Sam's Affective Design came together and have collaborated on this epic looking show. We have had a blast working together to create our kinetic moving laser box.

Featuring 120 ER Productions new KINECT Lasers in custom pre-rig truss and 48 Portman P2s in a custom wall and 2 brand new Robe Robo-Spot followspots amongst other kit.

Video Design by Jack Banks
Equipment by Neg Earth led by Adam Le Femina
Lasers by ER Productions

Proper production photos to follow soon...