Jeff Lynne's ELO - Hyde Park Comeback Show

  • Venue

    Hyde Park
  • Client

    CV Productions

Jeff Lynne's ELO - Hyde Park

Lighting & Creative Designer: Tim Routledge

PM: Chris Vaughan - TPO

Kit: PRG led by Luke Jackson

For the first time in over 27 years Jeff Lynne's ELO performed a full length concert - headlining the BBC Radio 2 Festival in Hyde Park for 50,000 fans. Tim worked with Potion Pictures to create bespoke video content for the show and a semi circular mask was added to the front of the festivals huge LED screen to give an ELO UFO edge. Tim also utilised 6 tall semi-circular trusses to frame the stage and designed a full concert lighting show with no production rehearsals and all programmed off site in his virtual lighting studio.

The show was critically acclaimed in all the UK press and was shown live on BBC television and stayed in the top ten programmes on the Iplayer service. A historic night and a pleasure to be involved with something and someone so legendary.