Jeff Lynnes ELO

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    World-wide Touring
  • Client

    CV Productions

Jeff Lynne's ELO - Arena Tour 2016

Creative Designer (Lights, video and set): Tim Routledge

Production Manager: Richard Wearing

Client: CV Productions

For the first time in decades, music icon Jeff Lynne headed out on tour to five star reviews wherever he went. Having worked with Jeff for 2 years we created a full stage, lighting and video concept to accompany the show. Based on orbiting paths in the galaxies around us, the result was a vibrant ever changng landscape of lights and video that flowed through the epic music created by Jeff.

Taking the show on the road for us was Lighting Director Matt Pitman and he worked closely with Tim and TRLD programmer Tom Young to create the show. Video content was animated by Ben Ib and his team, Lights provided by Neg Earth and Video by Video Design under the direction of video director Richard Shipman. The result is epic.