• Venue

    Glastonbury Pyramid Headline
  • Client

    TAWBOX / Tour Music Live

STORMZY - Glastonbury Festival Headline

Creative Producers: Amber Rimmel & Bronski - TAWBOX

Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge

Set Designer: Misty Buckley

LX Programmer: James Scott

Production Manager: Joel Stanley

"IN 2012 Danny Boyle bought a farm to East London, In 2019 Stormzy bought South London to the farm"

- Tim Routledge 2019

This now iconic performance took headline slots at Glastonbury to a new level and has been universally critically acclaimed. Stormzy shared his moment with the talents of his people - people of South London. Tim has since won a Royal Television Society Award and a Knight Of Illumination Award for his lighting on this production.

Watch full set here