MUSE at Horseguards Parade

  • Venue

    Horseguards Parade, London
  • Client

    Chromatic Productions

Muse Live at Horseguards Parade

WWZ Premiere Concert

Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge

Kit: PRG

Production: Chromatic Productions

This show was created to celebrate the launch of Paramount Pictures worldwide premiere of epic film WWZ. The show was put together in a very short space of time in this auspicious venue right in the heart of Westminster. Tim liased with Muse's long time lighting designer Oli Metcalfe to create a show that was epic on scale with the whole of Horseguards Parade lit up. The show was also filmed for release by Paramount Pictures with Tim also working alongside DOPs Stan Crocker and Brett Turnbull. The result was incredible with 15000 lucky ticket holders enjoing a free concert in the heart of London