Musicals: The Greatest Show (BBC1)

  • Venue

    London Palladium
  • Client

    TBI Media

Musicals: The Greatest Show (BBC1)

Venue: London Palladium

Production: TBI Media for BBC1

Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge

Exec Producers: Rachel Ashdown, Andrew Wyke, Phil Critchlow

Director: Matthew Amos

A year on from the West End closing and all theatres shut - this was a celebration of musicals. A heart warming and glitzy show for the cold winter of 2021.

With the venue reversed and the auditorium becoming the set, the orchestra and performers were socially distant across the entire venue with the stalls being entirely decked out to fit them all. Lights were placed across the seating on all levels to add sparkle to the venue.

Shot in SLOG3 on Sony FX9 cameras and all crew, cast and orchestra tested daily and highly controlled parameters - this was a highly ambitious show in these times.

The entire concert can be watched on BBC Iplayer for the next 12 months -

Photos below