Royal Variety Performance

  • Venue

    London Palladium & Blackpool Opera House
  • Client

    BBC1 & ITV1

Royal Variety Performance 2009 & 2010

Blackpool Opera House & London Palladium

Lighting Designer: Steve Nolan

Lighting Programmer: Tim Routledge & Pryderi Baskeville

Tim worked with Steve Nolan for 2 years on succesive shows for both ITV and BBC to create two stunning Royal Variety Performances. As a child Tim always wanted to work on the show so it was a bucket list item well and truly ticked to be involved. The shows are massively complex with very little time and constantly changing sets and setups for each act. Wysiwyg was used in 2010 to preprogramme as much of the show offsite in order to keep pressure onsite to a minimum.