Xfactor - Series 13 - 2016

  • Venue

    Fountain Studios
  • Client

    Thames Freemantle / Syco

X Factor - Series 13 - 2016

Tim Routledge collaborated with Nigel Catmur to design this years X Factor show. Each week Tim and Nigel alternate as Lighting Directors to create the huge number of creative lighting designs required for the entire series. The lighting was redesigned from the ground up to create a new fresh look and with some stunning design features.

Live from Fountain Studios in London, the show broadcasts each Saturday and Sunday with a very tight schedule to create the individual looks. The show is also programmed and operated each and every week by inhouse programmer Tom Young.

The shows rig is large and complex offering use a huge range of options and each week the fixed rig is supplemented with floor packages designed specifcally for each song.

Below are a selection of videos and images from Week 1 of the show