• Venue

    o2 Arena
  • Client

    o2 / Projection Artworks

Rose on the Roof

Large scale architectural lighting project

Venue: The o2 - London

Lighting Designer: Tim Routledge

Client: Projection Artworks for o2

Tim Routledge Lighting Design was approached by 3D Mapping experts - Projection Artworks to design the lighting element of this huge challenging project. To celebrate the England Rugby Team, o2 created a campaign #weartherose, to garner huge national pride in the team.

Rigged a hundred meters over ground on the 12 iconic masts, we specified 96 SGM G-spots (the only waterproof moving light in existence) to cover half of the huge canvas and 48 Clay Paky Mythos to provide search light effects. Programmed on an MA2 by Jonathon Rouse, the project is running until October 31st and rugby fans can tweet their support and have their message projected onto the roof by using #weartherose

68 projectors were used to create the seamless complex projection all run from a D3 and were programmed and designed by Projection Artworks.

See the videos and images below as well as a "how it was done video"